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Ask Toothkit - Toothkit.com Hello and welcome to Ask Toothkit. This website is designed with the "Dear Abby"  type concept in mind. It is meant to be a site where you can express all your concerns and questions in a simple and uncomplicated fashion. We will try and offer opinion which could guide and educate you on every aspect of your family’s oral and dental health care. You can ask about any oral health care questions; gum disease, Periodontal disease, Gingivitis, breathe odor, dental implants, TMJ, TMD, MFPD,  Oral appliances, Sleep apnea, Snoring, Migraine headaches, tooth ache, abcess,  veneers, bonding, Cerec, Laser treatments, Invisalign, braces, straightening, whitening, bleaching, Zoom, bridge work, crowns, caps, fillings, amalgams, composites, sealants, cleanings, prophy’s, tooth brushes abrasion, grinding, brux guards, night guards, retainers, root canals,  pediatrics, pedodontics, sweet air, nitrous oxide, sedation,  oral surgery, crown lengthenings, apico’s, x-rays, imaging, technology, cancer screenings,  family care and anything else you may think of. We want this site to be your information kit on teeth (The Tooth Kit). We have deliberately designed this site to be simple, straight forward and user friendly. There will be a tab dedicated to linking you to descriptions of dental procedure sites if you so choose. The primary purpose however, is to be an advice/ opinion type news column. Please feel free to Browse the Site and post your questions and comments. Now go to the forum tab and  post your question : "Dear Toothkit......" Ask Toothkit - Toothkit.com

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